We offer advanced design- and computer aided construction services to the leisureboat and marine industry. Our high level of expertise in creating functional products for ease of manufacture makes it possible for us to follow up the idea to finished product. We will take on interior and exterior projects, and give our full attention if we work on a whole project as well as a sub-project.

Complete Development and design Project:

Meyer Norschau Design (MND) requires the builder to provide a list of standard components for the project. Further a list of suppliers for all special components should be presented upon completion of concept development stage 1. All this is to ensure design solutions are optimized for production and installation.

1. Define the loose frame for the project

a. Design brief

b. Loose hand sketches of GA and profile

c. Research

2. Concept presentation

a. Hull lines (preliminarry stations)

b. GA 1:10 hand drawing

c. Concept sketches interior

d. Concept sketches exterior

i. 1:10 hand drawn profile

e. Special features

3. Completion of concept development

a. Revision of concept according to client feedback

b. Signing off concept for detailed design and development

i. Alternative is for MND to do photorealistic concept renderings for marketing purposes prior to detail design is commenced.

1. Hull design

a. Work with client on desired hull shape and performance

b. If needed virtual tank testing and stability calculations can be done in cooperation with CFD marine AS (Tvedestrand Norway)

c. Model for milling and mold production

2. Deck design

a. Detailed ergonomics study of all working areas of the deck

i. FWD deck and hatches

ii. Bullwark

iii. Cockpit

iv. Pilot position

v. Swimplatform

vi. Swimladder

b. Model for milling and mould production

c. Model of deck fitout custom made parts

i. Hand rails

ii. Mooring arrangements

3. Hardtop/targa/soft-top

a. Windscreen/sprayhood

b. Dash/pilot position

c. Wetbar or pantry unit

d. Sofa and cushioning

e. Other furniture

4. Interior modeling

a. Hull liner

b. Deck liner

c. Interior fitout/furniture

d. Furniture and special features

5. Design engineering: MND offers design engineering if needed as an extra service

a. Information 2D drawing of all special components

b. Engine room layout and design (in close cooperation with builder)

c. Class/Information drawings (1:10 profile, GA of exterior and interior)

d. Installation drawings (same as above but with dimensions and detailed views)

e. Optimization for production, design review and adjustments.

f. Redesign and redrawing, updating of previous MND projects are easily carried out at a later stage.

6. Advanced 3D imaging: MND offers the highest quality 3D renderings for marketing use as an extra service in cooperation with Wide3D.

a. Exterior renderings

b. Interior renderings

c. Special detail renderings

d. Alternative material compositions can be explored in this phase

i. Different types of interior timber (oak, walnut, mahogany, etc.)

ii. Different types of fabrics/upholstery (with our professional interior expertise we can offer optional styles)

7. Advanced simulations: with our partner CFD Marine AS MND can offer the CFD analysis of hull designs or complete boat with superstructure.

a. Optimize 3d for simulation

b. Export to CFD Marine AS

c. Simulation carried out by CFD Marine AS

i. Gives all info need for certification of vessel

ii. Gives 100% realistic virtual simulation of vessel

1. Hydrodynamic properties

2. Airstream and water particle movement around vessel

Advanced modeling services:

1. Solid modeling

a. For production

b. For simulation

c. For advanced renderings and concept presentation

2. Surface modeling

a. For milling

b. For simulation

c. For advanced renderings and concept presentation

3. 2D drawings of 3D models

Advanced 3D imaging

MND can produce photo-realistic renderings of projects to use in marketing material and high-end product presentations in cooperation with Wide3D.